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for responsible purchasers

Design your personalized pre-payment plan towards medical services or products.

Tired of paying off-the-chart interest rates on loans?

Kiwi is your debt-free alternative to afford big-ticket expenses.

Kiwi is for everyone. No bank account or credit history required to use Kiwi.

Whether you want to afford a life-changing cataract surgery or expand a portion of your home, Kiwi plans will help you get to your goal while allocating $0 towards interest payments.


By you for you. Kiwi is here to help in any and all ways possible.

We make it personal and friendly. You design your payment structure, and we provide the environment for you to follow through stress is not included nor encouraged in Kiwi plans.


Want to Use Kiwi? It's simple and amicable

Ask to pay with Kiwi in any store. If it’s not available, direct him to us.

Design your plan

Check out with Kiwi and select an installment amount and suitable a frequency

Stay on Board

We’ll keep your goal on top of mind so you can accomplish it within your committed time.


Finished? Receive your product or service by redeeming your confirmation code.

Happy Kiwers

Thank God and thanks to Kiwi I could finally have my cataract surgery with great success; I am very happy to have regained my sight because I could truly no longer see anything with my left eye. Thanks to Kiwi’s service such a successful operation was made.
6 bi-weekly installment plan

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